Our story

Repapel was founded in the 1980s by Mr. Mario H. Suetugui and his partner Lauro T. Furuta, who initially worked as business representatives in paper industries. Later, they identified a great opportunity in the industry, which until then was little explored in Brazil, and specialized in the supply of paper chippings for recycling. In 1992, Mr. Suetugui took full control of the company and made investments in infrastructure, state-of-the-art equipment, and vehicles. With the help of its customers, suppliers and employees, he overcame several barriers and managed to expand the company. Today, Repapel continues to grow and dedicate itself to maintaining the quality standard in its services and products.

Over 30 years investing in the recycling market

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The Company’s solutions are always focused on
quality and its continuous improvement

Vision – Focus on our partners’ satisfaction

Vision: To be a leader in the segment by excelling in performance, in a profitable, social and environmentally responsible way, serving both customers and suppliers.

Mission: To provide products and services in the management of recyclable waste, in an organized, transparent way, in accordance with current legislation, contributing to the preservation of the environment, promoting the well-being of its employees, and building partnerships with suppliers.

Quality at work: The excellence in performance of all its tasks, including deadlines and avoiding scrap and rework.
Ethics and Respect: Repapel focuses on integrity at work and respect among employees, customers, and suppliers.
Procedure: Always seeking innovation and improvements of work processes, making use of technologies.
Teamwork: Seeking results together for the benefit of the company as a whole.

Integrated Management System Policy (IMSP)
– Ensure the satisfaction of the customer by the adequate care, quality of products and services and compliance with established deadlines
– Preserving the environment through the establishment of goals and targets
– Commitment to the continuous of the IMSP and meeting the goals and targets established
– Comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations
– Implement pollution prevention actions
– Promote education and training actions for all employees
– Maintain appropriate communication with stackholders

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